Human Fitness Checking Center

Human Fitness Checking Center
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In 2010, Beijing Donghuayuan began the construction of community health room. This project can fulfill the screening of high blood pressure, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, lung function disease, and mental pressure chronical disease. Through this project, we can determine high dangerous population and the inhabitants with abnormal indicators, and timely control these diseases. Taking the community health service center as the platform, we provide systematic and special training for the patients and community doctors through establishing systematic and comprehensive health-related self testing systems. With the improved community health service quality and optimized community disease management system, we provide powerful support and guarantee for the cause of community disease prevention and treatment. In this way, the health management can be developed in a direction of diversification, generalization, systematization, individuation, and the disease can be nipped in the bud due to the early prevention, early diagnosis, and early treatment,Welcome to visit the new website f "health Room"!