Principle of traditional Chinese medicine decocting machine

At present, most of the commonly used Chinese medicine decocting machine temperature control method is used, is the medicine during the boiling process the temperatures of different values, which is the traditional boiling incomparable, traditional boiling only controlling temperature. On the practice of Chinese herbal decoction system of time-sharing power control by controlling the duration of heating power to simulate traditional frying methods of fire, fire and fire, so that the automatic system balance and tradition make the same or similar results. Before the fried system, set the countdown time can be adjusted, output power of each mode (System power settings for that mode the power output percentage), and temperature parameters, such as the scope of protection. Timing control done by monolithic integrated circuit internal timer interrupt. Power output with interrupt output square wave duty cycle control, control bidirectional thyristor switching of output pulse time so as to achieve control over the average output power. This method is simple, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation: pulse width modulation) control is easy to operate, adapted to this control is not too high. Different output power corresponds to a different working mode (full power mode is divided into two countdown mode, a, and b), respectively, these models and methods of traditional Chinese medicine make fire, fire, fire. In order to prevent the system temperature too high burn out heating device, system to monitor the temperature, so as to avoid failure.