Professional body composition analyzer

Professional body composition analyzer


Main feature

Segmental measurements using widehand frequency (1kHz-1MkHz)

Precise analysis due to thousands of clinical data and upgraded algorithm

Convenient 8 point tactile electrodes

10.4 inch color LCD touch screen

Compatible interface description

Friendly audio guidance

Providing result sheets specialized for adults and children

Growth curve information based on the national data for minors under 18 years

Historical data management

Providing reasonable nutrition and exercise prescription

Selectable external color (white or sliver)



Comparison and verification with DXA

Compered with the up-to-date DXA device by clinical trials to verify the technology of body composition analyzer.Additionally,providing accurate information on edema of all parts.

Humanized design

Adoption of ergonomics and applicable to the population with height from 90cm to 220cm

Providing 9 body types and corresponding diet and exercise prescriptions for each body type.

Studying on the body composition of diverse body shape people.

Providing result sheet specialized for children and adults.

Providing growth curve for children of all age stages.

Using 10.4 -inch color LCD touch screen to make user easily operate without any help.


Possible to manage almost unlimited member`s data effectively using a membership management program.

Connecting with blood pressure monitor and stadiometer produced by the manufacture.

Using general A4 printer due to the installation of windows XPE system.

Selecting general A4 paper to reduce management cost or the specialized pre-printed paper.