PWV conduction principle of pulse wave

PWV conduction principle of pulse wave, pulse wave velocity in arteriosclerosis accelerated. In the actual testing process, pulse wave PWV affected by atherosclerosis in the blood vessels and is not accurate, measurement of baPWV+ABI made up for this deficiency, this method detecting arteriosclerosis data more accurate.

Fast 3 minute sync detection levels of hardening and narrowing of the blood vessels.

Non-invasive advanced inspection methods, automatic completion of all operations, and determination.

Determination of accurate and sensitive 40 parameters for a comprehensive, high-precision measurement and repeatability.

Convenient large-screen display, the operation is simple, the entire Chinese color test reports, clear and easy to understand.

Powerful data collection, data management and data preview, and has unique automatic data analysis and reporting capabilities

Detection of low cost, return on investment, benefits.