Significance of bone mineral density

Bone density can said is bone quality of a important of logo, so, now increasingly more of people began concern bone density, hope through bone density of measurement to know himself bone quality problem, if himself of bone quality exists problem timely of for added, so, now bone density of measurement became very important of, which, bone density detection instrument has slowly of into has we of life.

Bone mineral density in children, can be said to have a very importantsignificance, because a child is lacking calcium in bone density from theabove to reflect to a large extent, and it is important for children'shealth, once we found the child's body bone density is not high, we need tosupplement for the child in a timely manner. Children's calcium, canguarantee a child's bone mineral density, and bone mineral density inchildren and the children's height and physical health has a very importantmeaning.