Automatic Machine--traditional Chinese Medicine And Partners

TCM can cure better than Western medicine can cure your disease, but also better to tone the body. But in reality, very few people will take the initiative to choose Chinese medicine, because the use of traditional Chinese medicine a lot of trouble, while a lot of people don't have so much time to their own herbs, and a lot of people for traditional Chinese medicine decocting machine is not very understanding, so a lot of people will choose the simpler to Western medicine.

So, in this new era, someone invented an automated machine to meet more people the choice of traditional Chinese medicine. What about automatic machine which features? today, said automatic machine for small series of features.

For example, it can through traditional ways to better boiling under atmospheric pressure, ensures the effect of traditional Chinese medicine and its components are not affected. Meanwhile, it is also achievable pressure boiling, can be said to be based on the actual situation of better choices.

Meanwhile, in the process of boiling, or herbal extrusion can be better achieved, to make Chinese herbal medicine ingredients to better play. To improve the drug.