Beauty Salon Instrument Body Fat Analyzer

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: BS-BCA3

  • Theory: Dxa

  • Portable: Non Portable

  • Caculation: No Empirical Estimation

  • Control: Touch Screen

  • Trademark: Lumsail

  • Origin: China

  • Type: Body Analyzer

  • Application: Salon, Home, Fitness Center

  • Test Point: 5 Frequency, 8 Contact Points

  • Storage: 10000 Entries

  • Report: by Built-in Printer

  • Specification: CE, ISO etc

Product Description

Body Composition Analyzer is designed to calculate regional body composition, empowering healthcare professionals to better determine health risk associated with visceral and abdominal fat. The BS-BCA3 model is based on the latest statistics method DXA, which analyzes human body composition including fat, weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), none-fat and other health indicators through multi-frequency bio-electrical impedance analysis method, also called MFBIA. It calculates by the built-in high performance computer, and gives out instruction upon the analysis result for testers' reference as plans to lose weight.
Current has different penetration force depending on frequency. Since low frequency cannot penetrate cells and flow on the external surface's water, it measures only water content outside cells, while higher frequency means that you can measure even the water content inside cells since it penetrates inside cells, that is, by using diverse frequency, the BS-BCA3 model can accurately measure water contents inside and outside cells separately. When a body touches an electrode, contact resistance occurs, and it is important to control the contact resistance in order to correctly measure the resistance in a body.

Segmented body composition analysis
Detect BMI, and other healthy data
Emit healthy report and weigth control plan

- 5 frequencies and 8 points, 6 channels testing
- Huge healthy samples based on scientific research result
- Export Impedance of Each Segments & Frequencies          
- Big scale colorful touch screen control panel                                                                
- Generate health report and print out through built-in thermal printer or external ink jet printer
- The analysis process is simple, fast and safe

Analysis ReportMulti-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis 
Electrode8-Point Tactile Electrode System
Calculation methodNo Empirical Estimation
Segmented itemRight arm, left arm, body, right leg, left leg
Control PanelColorful Touch Screen
InterfaceUSB2.0, RJ45
Power SpecificationAC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz