Blood Pressure Monitor Very Low Noise

The blood pressure monitor is a medical device used to monitor dynamic, continuous blood pressure. Can accurately record the blood pressure value, accurate and effective to help doctors diagnose high blood pressure, remove fake hypertension, white coat blood pressure, the effective development of treatment programs, drug evaluation, smooth control of blood pressure.

Technical characteristics

1. Oscillation oscilloscope principle, charge and discharge quickly, the noise is very low.

2. Reverse inflatable logic feedback, the maximum inflatable pressure of the cuff is only more than 5mmHg of the systolic pressure of the subject itself, maximizing the patient's comfort.

3. Can temporarily interrupt the test, re-wear to continue to test blood pressure.

4. Unique day and night buttons, special practice button, accurate record day and night limit emergencies.

5. Automatic correction within 3 minutes, the storage data up to 300 measurements.

6. Only 250 grams of the world's lightest blood pressure recording box.

7. Windows95 / 98 / NT version of the analysis software, in English operation, the interface free to switch.

8. Simple, convenient, user-friendly, can be directly connected with the computer, the printer.

9. No millennium bug technical failure, the German standard, passed ISO9001 and CE certification.

10. A variety of analytical charts and Chinese and English can choose to report print, clinical application value is extremely high.


And ECG: each time measuring blood pressure at the same time record up to 20 seconds of ECG waveform, constitute the blood pressure / ECG dual monitoring.

Pulse wave: blood pressure monitoring pulse wave holographic review, can be used as a doctor to evaluate the degree of flexibility of the patient's blood vessels reference.

Infrared transmission: monitor information playback using infrared transmission technology to avoid occasional cable data transmission failure, resulting in 24-hour data loss.

Measuring range: 10-300mmHg, accuracy ± 2 mmHg, pressure interval set arbitrarily.

Analysis software: simple, convenient, user interface is good. Various analysis charts (text graphs, trend graphs, histograms, elevators, correlations, day and night extremes, charts, electrocardiograms).

Measurement principle: the use of oscillation oscilloscope, charge and discharge quickly, no noise, anti-interference ability.

Measurement parameters: measurable systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, mean pressure, heart rate and ECG.

Tone: During the day, there are beeps before and after the measurement, to remind the subjects to keep fit to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results. At night, the instrument is in a silent state, reducing interference to the patient.

Memory storage: Before removing the original record, remove the battery does not affect the existing data in the recorder, with self-sustaining after the discharge function.

Saving supplies: good energy saving, 2 5 charge (or alkaline) battery, can measure 150 blood pressure.

Sleeve anti-off: fan-shaped design, suitable for Asian arm, cotton high weaving sets, wearer comfort, and cloth sets can be washed or high temperature syrup disinfection.