Carry Forward The Essence Of Treasure Traditional Chinese Medicine Decocting Machine Give It A Helping Hand

Traditional handmade herbs, mostly families of patients with herbs. Chinese medicine generally involves boiling apparatus, water, FRY frying, slow fire fire the second problem, which in practice is difficult to control and accelerate the pace of modern life, often without conditions or have no time to boiling. And the whole boiling and bottling process is conducted in an open, makes boiling quality and storage become two problems of TCM. Since 2003, with the growing popularity of decocting machine, boiling soup more convenient, hygienic, and meet the medical needs of modern society, improve work efficiency. And because the machine vacuum packaging makes the liquid chilled up to 50~70D, and who can be saved only by hand 2~3D. Appearance of the machine can be said to be a major reform in the history of Chinese medicine.