Clinical Significance Of Human Body Composition Analyzer

What is human ingredients?

The body by the water, protein, fat, inorganic and so on a certain proportion of the composition. In healthy people's body, a variety of body ingredients to maintain a certain proportion, on the contrary, in the body of unhealthy people, body composition analyzer there may be obesity, lack of nutrition, edema, bone and other human body components of the imbalance between.

2. The need for human body analysis

Only the composition of the body of the various components of harmony in order to maintain the health of the body. If an ingredient content or distribution is uneven, it may be related to a disease.

3. Body composition results can read the following data

Body composition analysis:

Weight, body weight, fat weight, body fat mass, muscle mass, inorganic salt, protein, body moisture content, etc.

Weight analysis:

Body mass index, body fat percentage, muscle mass

Abdominal obesity analysis:

Body fat level, visceral fat area, abdominal fat rate, waist to hip ratio, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat

Weight management:

Weight adjustment, body fat regulation, body composition analyzer muscle conditioning, body total control, recommended weekly control, recommended control time, basal metabolic rate, total energy consumption, body actual age, impedance

Body type judgment:

Low body weight, low fat type, standard type, muscle type, athlete type, fat excess type, obese type

Segment evaluation:

Left and right upper limbs, left and right lower limbs, body composition analyzer trunk weight of five parts of fat, muscle weight assessment, edema judgment

Basal metabolic rate determination:

Is to maintain the heart beating, breathing, body temperature regulation, human organ movement, cell growth and so on to maintain the minimum energy must be life.

Edema assessment:

Based on the cell membrane, the internal and external body fluids are in an unbalanced state.

Body Age:

Based on the results of the analysis of the body composition of the person being tested, the biological age is assessed by the body age. body composition analyzer The higher the health score, the younger the body age.