Dynamic Blood Pressure Monitor Can Record Blood Pressure Value In Real Time

Dynamic blood pressure monitor can record blood pressure value in real time, accurate and effective to help doctors diagnose hypertension, remove pseudo-hypertension, white coat blood pressure, effective development of treatment programs, drug evaluation, stable control of patient blood pressure, at the same time due to small size and light weight , Blood pressure measurement is quick, gentle to maximize the patient's comfort.

Dynamic blood pressure monitor For people:

Pseudo-hypertensive white coat blood pressure were high-risk abnormal blood pressure who were abnormal blood pressure.

Dynamic blood pressure monitor advantages:

1, dynamic monitoring results are real

Dynamic blood pressure monitor using dynamic real-time recording of changes in blood pressure, eliminating the chance of occasional blood pressure, objectively and truly reflect the true situation of patients with abnormal blood pressure.

2, accurate data analysis

Ambulatory blood pressure can get richer blood pressure data, can actually reflect the changes of blood pressure in the whole day, to help doctors accurately analyze the patient's blood pressure.

3, accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment

The continuous recording of ambulatory blood pressure monitors has greatly increased the detection rate and the timely treatment of patients with early asymptomatic mild or critical hypertension.

4, the effect of monitoring guidance medication

Ambulatory blood pressure can be used to determine the effect of drug treatment to help doctors more accurate and scientific choice of drugs, adjust the dose and administration time, the treatment effect is better.

5, highlighting the data contrast damage

By comparing the difference between day and night data to determine whether there is hypertensive patients with hypertension due to damage to the organ.

6, blood pressure monitoring predict disease

By monitoring blood pressure, ambulatory blood pressure monitors can predict the sudden onset of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in a day.

7, automatic feedback measurement comfort

Dynamic blood pressure monitor with automatic logic feedback, blood pressure measurement fast and soft, with the appropriate size cuff to make patients more comfortable.