Dynamic Blood Pressure Monitor Technical Characteristics

  The dynamic blood pressure monitor is a medical device used to monitor dynamic, continuous blood pressure. Can accurately record the blood pressure value, accurate and effective to help doctors diagnose high blood pressure, remove fake hypertension, white coat blood pressure, the effective development of treatment programs, drug evaluation, smooth control of blood pressure.

  Dynamic blood pressure monitor technical characteristics

  1. Oscillation oscilloscope principle, charge and discharge quickly, the noise is very low.

  2. Reverse inflatable logic feedback, the maximum inflatable pressure of the cuff is only the systolic blood pressure of the measured person is not more than 5mmHg, to maximize the patient's comfort.

  3. Can temporarily interrupt the test, re-wear to continue to test blood pressure.

  4. Unique day and night buttons, special practice button, accurate record day and night limit emergencies.

  5. Automatic correction within 3 minutes, the storage data up to 300 measurements.

  6. Only 250 grams of the world's lightest blood pressure recording box.

  7. Windows95 / 98 / NT version of the analysis software, in English operation, the interface free to switch.

  8. Simple, convenient, user-friendly, can be directly connected with the computer, the printer.

  9. No millennium bug technical failure, the German standard, passed ISO9001 and CE certification.

  10. A variety of analytical charts and Chinese and English can choose to report print, clinical application of high value.