Homemade Body Composition Analyzers Now Rising Trend

In recent days, was held at the National Conference Center ChinaFIT fitness Conference. In addition to dozens of academic meetings held by the General Assembly, showroom products and devices are tinkling of jade on display everywhere. In addition to a variety of fitness equipment, health food, medical equipment, such as body composition Analyzer also has appeared at the show. The total of 5 companies displayed a body composition Analyzer, show Beijing donghuayuan industry excellent enterprise, such as independent research and development of new products are launched.

In the eyes of many, imports means that high-end atmospheric level, foreign Buddhist monks will chant, imports than domestic good, no matter what kind of product, as long as the name of labeled imported, the price will be able to step up a level, sales to the next level. But it's not. No doubt, once the technical level of China lagged behind the others, resulting in some high-tech products we are unable to produce, but our research has made substantial progress, domestic and imported ones have no less. And domestic products with low prices, convenient design, after-sales service for the people and so on.