How Will The Position Of The Integrated Refractometer Affect The Results Of Optometry?

  How will the position of the integrated refractometer affect the results of optometry?

  One optometrist said that the light they had always had was not enough, and that it was not to be rectified. Then I went to see their optometry room only to find that their comprehensive optometry position is placed 2.2 meters away from the wall, Refractometer too close. This will of course be short-sighted. On this issue, write a blog post detailing:

  How far is it appropriate for an integrated optometry system to be placed from the wall? In general, the lung head distance to the film and television standard wall should be greater than 3 meters. If the position of the integrated optometry projector is too close, how will it affect the results of optometry?

  We generally think that the light emitted by objects 5 meters away is parallel light, Refractometer so the visual inspection is required to be more than 5 meters. 5 meters of regulation stimulation is 1/5m=0.2D is 20 degrees lower than negligible. But the closer the distance will produce the greater the adjustment, 3 meters is produced by the regulatory stimulation is 1/3m=0.33D is 33 degrees, because most people will have a lower 25~50. than the adjustment of the normal adjustment lag, so negligible. But if the distance is closer, it is more than 33 degrees, it can not be ignored.

  To facilitate understanding, Refractometer we use an extreme example to illustrate the effect of distance on optometry. If we do "telephoto" at a distance of 1 meters, that is, the comprehensive optometry position is placed at a distance of 1 meters from the wall.

  At 5 meters away from the standard distance optometry a 100 degree myopia ( -1ds--1). 0) of the person, in 1 meters distance to do "far away optometry", because of its far point at 1 meters, that is, he just can see clearly 1 meters away from the visual standard, optometry results for plain-1.0, do not need to match the mirror. At this time, Refractometerthe lack of correction of 100 degrees of myopia.

  In the same way 2 meters away optometry will produce 1/2m=0.5D, 50 degrees of myopia due to the correction, 3 meters of optometry produced 1/3m=0.33D, 33 degrees of myopia due to the correction!

  Therefore, when our optometry distance too close, due to the effect of regulation will lead to the final degree of correction!