Integrated Refractometer In The Early 20th Century

  Integrated Refractometer in the early 20th century, the function of the instrument through the introduction of a mechanized conversion lens to join the refractive inspection function, so the English name also changed to "Phoropter." In the 70 's, the name of "Refractor" began to be used extensively.

  From the history of the instrument development and the change of name can be found that the comprehensive optometry instrument can not only be used for refractive examination, but also to check the function of extraocular muscles, as the basic inspection tool for ophthalmic visual workers, its role can not be replaced.

  Due to the fact that the integrated refractometer has installed almost all the lenses in the ordinary lens box into its runner system, it is more effective in clinical operation than using an audition. Faster lens conversions may be achieved through simple knobs that quickly convert the required lenses, especially for complex subjective optometry, and because all the lenses in the refractometer are closed, the inspectors don't have to worry about getting dirty lenses.