Refractometer Use Skills, I Believe Many People Do Not Know

  Refractometer use skills, I believe many people do not know

  01 computer optometry features

  The degree of astigmatism and axial more accurate

  The result of the ball is affected by the adjustment of the larger accuracy is also a bit error is normal.

  When the computer optometry, Refractometer the examiner should pay attention to the guidance language, such as: "Now you see a house at the end of the road, please carefully staring at the house to see, do not look at the road, imagine the end of the house at the end." This will allow patients Adjust as much as possible to relax. (We have tried, if specifically to the patient staring at the nearby road to see, optometry results often over correction!) If you do not pay attention to the appropriate language to guide patients, often caused by correction of myopia.

  02 computer optometry in the process of attention

  3 times the results of computer optometry spectrophotometric difference of 50 degrees or more, Refractometer indicating that patients may have adjustment problems in the visual function can be adjusted when the focus on the adjustment of the inspection.

  If the computer optometry found astigmatism degree and axial instability, change is relatively large, to the prescription when the camera should pay attention to reduce the amount of astigmatism to replace the equivalent spherical force.

  Pay attention to the changes in the pupil of each patient when the measurement changes, Refractometer if the pupil in the process of change quickly, indicating that the adjustment flexibility is good (more common in children or young people); the other hand, if the pupil changes in the process of slow, that may be flexible Poor, or moderately adjustable, poor adjustment. In the back of the visual function check can focus on inspection.

  Combined with the results of visual examination to see: If the uncorrected vision is not bad, such as 0.5, but the computer optometry results for -1.00D (showed a relatively high degree), indicating that there may be regulation of spasm, pseudo-myopic situation exists.

  When the patient staring at the computer optometry (house) to see, Refractometer if the cornea center reflex point is not in the center, indicating that the kappa angle is relatively large, in the gradient mirror to pay attention to the large kappa angle prone to interpupillary distance measurement error The