The Advantages Of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

  The advantages of ambulatory blood pressure monitor

  (1) In addition to accidentally measuring blood pressure, to avoid the mood, exercise, eating, smoking, drinking and other factors affecting blood pressure, more objective and true to reflect the blood pressure of patients with diabetes.

  (2) ambulatory blood pressure can be learned more blood pressure data, can actually reflect the change of blood pressure in the whole day.

  (3) for early asymptomatic mild hypertension or critical hypertensive patients, improve the detection rate and can be timely treatment.

  (4) Ambulatory blood pressure can guide drug treatment. In many cases it can be used to determine the therapeutic effects of medications, to help select medications, and to adjust dosage and time for delivery.

  (5) The diagnosis of hypertensive patients with non-target organs (susceptible to hypertension damage organs) damage. hypertensive patients with myocardial hypertrophy, fundus dynamic vascular lesions, or renal function changes, the difference between day and night is small.

  (6) Predict the time of the sudden onset of cerebrovascular disease. The heart and cerebrovascular disease is most likely to occur in the early morning when blood pressure suddenly rises.

  (7) Ambulatory blood pressure is significant for judging prognosis. Compared with the normal blood pressure, 24-hour high blood pressure is higher than the mortality rate and the first cardiovascular disease incidence, all higher than 24-hour low blood pressure. Especially under the age of 50, diastolic pressure Sian 16 (105mmHg), and the past without cardiovascular disease, the measurement of ambulatory blood pressure is more meaningful, can guide the use of drugs to predict the onset of cardiovascular disease.