The Body Composition Analyzer Is A Good Helper To Check Obesity

The body composition analyzer is a good helper to check obesity

In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, obesity has become an important issue in the current society. Obesity can lead to high blood pressure, high blood lipids, atherosclerosis, fatty liver, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and many other serious diseases. The body's profit and loss and composition of the imbalance between each other, will produce the above-mentioned obesity caused by various hazards or malnutrition. Correct, easy and rapid determination of human ingredients is necessary to help the test to determine their own health status.

So what is the body composition and body composition analyzer?

The body is composed of water, protein, fat and minerals composed of four components, the body composition refers to the total body weight of fat and non-fat components of the proportion.

The body composition analyzer is an instrument that measures the body composition by measuring the bioelectrical impedance (BIA) method. It uses a weak (human body can not feel) constant AC current, through the human hand, foot and electrode connection measurement of the body parts of the electrical impedance. The body fat for the non-conductive body, and muscle moisture content is more for the conductive body. Such as fat content, less muscle, current through the biochemical resistance is relatively high; the other biochemical resistance is relatively low. Through the above information, according to the Chinese people of different age, gender, digital model quantitative analysis of human components.

The body composition analyzer calculates a number of indicators by measuring the body composition: standard weight, standard muscle, fat control, muscle control, visceral fat, body fat percentage, body mass index, waist to hip fat ratio, basal metabolic rate, Weight control and edema coefficient and so on. Human Body Analyzer It is not an instrument for diagnosing a particular disease, but a fast and noninvasive instrument that evaluates the physical condition and evaluates it. When the measured object only need to stand on the instrument, hold the electrode, the LCD display will directly display a variety of body components, the analyzer low power consumption, simple operation, cost-effective, high accuracy, the entire measurement process with about 3 minute.

It can be used for the following purposes:

(1) the diagnosis of obesity, the assessment of nutritional status.

(2) edema, osteoporosis, body balance, body composition analyzer changes in water after dialysis, changes in body composition after hormone therapy.

(3) body fat ratio and fat distribution can be used for health checks and diagnosis of geriatric diseases, such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, atherosclerosis and high blood lipids.

(4) for the weight control, fat reduction, muscle training, nutritional balance and diagnosis of diseases such as scientific and effective basis.

(5) to understand the type of muscle development in children, body composition analyzer the degree of symmetry of the limbs.

Precautions during the inspection of human body components

(1) discomfort crowd

1) with a heart pacemaker (the current will cause interference) of people;

2) people with disabilities (can not normally contact the electrode);

3) the body of metal objects (which may cause uneven or not) people.

(2) check before

1) warm water feet: in order to make the skin contact good test, check the night before the warm water soaked feet.

2) fasting examination: fasting or postprandial 2 hours measurement, measuring the front row of urine.

3) light into battle: heavy clothes on the weight of the test have an impact, try to wear light clothes, or take off heavy clothes.

4) waiting for rest: before the test to be static for about 5 minutes, after exercise should not be immediately checked.

(3) check

1) to remove the weight: body composition analyzer the test can not wear heavy items or accessories, such as mobile phones, keys, bracelets and so on.

2) to take off socks: test need to take off socks.

3) to wet hands: If your skin is very dry oily great, it is possible to test the data, need to use the electrode cotton paper wipe hands and feet.

4) the measured person in accordance with the guidance of medical staff to correctly stand on the electrode plate, hands clenched handle, arms away from the body, the test arm do not touch the body.

5) to keep quiet: body composition analyzer the test to keep quiet, do not speak, do not move the body.

(4) after inspection

1) the instrument automatically print out the report, by the professionals to report the interpretation of the diet, exercise, and other lifestyle guidance.