Traditional Chinese Medicine Decocting Herbs---intelligent Control System For Efficient Modernization Service

In recent years, with its deep heritage and excellence of traditional Chinese medicine efficacy and unique charm recognized by more and more people, but decocting traditional Chinese medicine has always been a problem. With the accelerating pace of life, people are not likely to keep little on Casserole to cook a pot of herbal medicine is not only inefficient, but poor efficacy. With the advent of machine, the hospital can take herbs, so this problem might be improved, but also created new problems. Fried with the hospital services increased, and the lack of systematic management, resulting in boiling systems as a whole, such as the wrong prescription, taking the wrong drug, Bay number wait time issues such as long without individual phenomenon of hospital fraud, shoddy, irresponsible, making people's interests are infringed, health is affected.

How to solve this problem? Leader of Chinese medicine decocting machine-Beijing donghuayuan medical equipment limited liability company innovative proposed a solution-intelligent control system of Chinese medicine herbs. The system root-herbs-medicine-the regulation as a whole, hospital diagnosis, prescription, and hospitals responsible for boiling or third party medicine plant herbs, medicine fried by courier delivery, full realization of network monitor, the patient can query at any time who, guarantee quality, efficiency and saving valuable time. This system can also be used with hospital HIS systems (information management system) combines, save work, simplifying the management of hospital costs, while also ensuring the rights of patients.