Traditional Chinese Medicine Decocting Machine Rapid Spread In China

It is known that China is the biggest country in the use of herbal, for a long time, do not have their own machine, traditional Chinese medicine decoction has been a big problem. As early as in the early 1980 of the 20th century, Korea first began production in China and the universal machine, long machine development in China. Hitting a predicament, 1992 medical equipment enterprises in China understand the Korea machine market, began to enter the field of machine.

Machine with more and more Chinese medicine heat quickly became popular, traditional Chinese medicine decocting machine has some popularity in our country at present and, especially, the hospitals above the county level, with Basic. Beginning in 2009 the State administration of traditional Chinese medicine, began to promote machine, in the Central and Western regions by the Government bidding, this product a lot of machine to the grass-roots health institutions, so that Chinese medicine decocting machine spread rapidly in China.