What Is A 24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor?

24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor full name for noninvasive blood pressure monitoring is the use of ambulatory blood pressure recorder to measure a person during the day and night 24 hours, at regular intervals of time blood pressure is called ambulatory blood pressure monitor.

24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor and even the difference between the measured blood pressure

1, Remove the occasional blood pressure accidental, to avoid the emotional, exercise, eating, smoking, alcohol and other factors affect blood pressure, a more objective and truly reflect the blood pressure.

2, ambulatory blood pressure can get more blood pressure data, can actually reflect the changes in blood pressure throughout the day.

3, early asymptomatic light or critical hypertensive patients, blood pressure monitor increased the detection rate and can be treated promptly.

4, ambulatory blood pressure can guide the drug treatment. In many cases can be used to determine the effect of drug treatment, to help select the drug, adjust the dose and administration time.

5, to determine whether there is no target organ in hypertensive patients (vulnerable to hypertension damage to organs) damage. blood pressure monitor Hypertensive patients with hypertrophy of the myocardium, dynamic vascular lesions of the fundus, or changes in renal function have a smaller difference between day and night.

6, predict the day of sudden onset of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease time. Sudden rise in blood pressure in the early hours, blood pressure monitor the most prone to cardiovascular disease.