Electronic Blood Pressure Meters

Electronic Blood Pressure Meters
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Model name: YXY-61

Measurement methods: the wave method, step up measurement

Measurement range: pressure 0-300mmHg (0-40kPa) pulse 30-230bpm

Precision: pressure + 2mmHg, pulse + 2%

Resolution: blood pressure 1mmHg, pulse 1bpm

Pressure time: about 10 seconds

Measuring time: about 30 seconds

Display interface: 7 inch color LED

Language tips: warm voice prompts, volume control (6 gear)

Security settings: double safety protection device

Data storage: storage 100 data measurement results, the external U disk, SD card

Printer: thermal printer

Communication function: RS-232

Dimension: 420 * 490 * 305 (W * D * H *) mm

Weight: About 7kg


Using human UI

7 inch color LCD screen, provide the correct posture, the results of blood pressure measurement in the international division of the level of the location, to facilitate users to quickly understand the situation of their blood pressure

functional performance

Accurate measurement results

According to the technology innovation, the accuracy is the same as that of the mercury blood pressure gauge.

Arm pain decreased

The pressure rise measurement is the measurement of blood pressure during the rise of pressure. The pressure value rises to the end of the measurement of the systolic pressure.

Can reduce the pain of the measurement

* easy to use, easy to measure

Principles of human engineering design, so that the measurement to maintain the correct measurement of the position, 7 inch LCD screen, to provide the correct measurement

Animation and the operation steps to remind, voice prompts, so that the measurement is correct, rapid blood pressure measurement

Blood oxygen saturation selection

With the function of measuring blood oxygen saturation, blood oxygen concentration can be measured accurately.

The arms can be measured.

Measurement of blood pressure

Report paper automatically cut off

The measuring report paper automatically cut off at the end of the printing, which is convenient for the measuring result.

A broad extension

With RS232 interface, can be convenient and PC end, the human body composition analyzer for data communication and data management

Data storage

Internal storage of the 100 sets of measurement results, and can be displayed; external storage function (U, SD disk)

Correction function

The product can be tested or calibrated in an external connection with a mercury pressure gauge or a precision pressure measuring instrument