Ten Functions Herb Cooking Machine

Ten Functions Herb Cooking Machine
Product Details

Beijing Donghuayuan Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China ten functions herb cooking machine manufacturers and factory with leading company ten functions herb cooking machine and meidical equipments and health product NO.1 twice cooking equipments meet the standards with CE, welcome to buy our cheap and famous products.


1. Model:YJX20/1+1(50-250)L 

2. Volume:20000ml

3. Power:2100W+800W

4. Voltage:AC220V

5. Dimension:725*520*1500(mm)

6. Weight:95Kg

Product Description

1. Integrated machine of decoction and packaging. Compact, beautifully designed, and space saving.

2. Keep the twice decoction liquid medicine in a special-stored pot to achieve the twice decoction in normal pressure automatically. 

3. Following traditional method, setting time, beeping hint and achieve the first decoction and later decoction easily

4. Pressure difference produced between the inside pot and outside pot will cause water circulation and stirring which make the decoction more even.

5. Automatic transfer between strong fire and weak fire.Fit traditional tight fire and slow fire to insure the efficacy.

6. Glass pot makes the decoction visible. Automatical cleaning available makes the decoction healthy. 

7. Anti-dry burning function: The system stops heating and begins beeping warning in case of the excess temperature or no water.

8. Adoption of precision digital technology in the whole process of decoction and packaging. High control precision. 

9. 50-250 ML with 1ml variable.Non-polar and adjustable packaging machine to meet the demands of different clients.

10. With advanced function of scientific calibration for the packaging volume.

11. Packaging speed of 8 dozes every minute.

12. Register capital of more than 7 million RMB. Pass ISO9001 and ISO 13485 certification.

13. After-sales service guaranteed. Local service achieved with after-sales service agencies in all provinces.