TCM Liquid Packaging Equipments

TCM Liquid Packaging Equipments
Product Details

Beijing Donghuayuan Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China tcm liquid packaging equipments manufacturers and factory with leading company tcm liquid packaging equipments and meidical equipments and health product NO.1 tcm liquid packing machines with CE, welcome to buy our cheap and famous products.


1. Model:YB50-250

2. Volume:20000ML

3. Power:800W+800W

4. Voltage:AC220V

5. 575×590×1191(mm)

Product Description

1. Packaging volume: 50-250 ML with 1ml variable.

2. Automatic packaging. Healthy. Long quality guarantee time. Easy to carry and take.

3. Packaging temperature and packaging number displayed automatically.

4. Digital control of seal temperature. Automatic and constant can be set. 

5. Packaging volume: Non-polar 20-50 ML with variables.

6. Applicable to different dose for the old, the children and the adults.

7. Average packaging speed of 8 dozes every minute. 

8. Register capital of 20 million RMB. Pass ISO9001 quality certification and CE certification.